Town of Matthews
Transportation Projects


Current as of July 19, 2018

Below is the current status of the project currently proposed or underway.  Please note that all completion dates are tentative and are highly dependent on weather conditions.  Portions changed since December 2017 are highlighted in yellow.

To download a copy of this page, please click here:  Current Transportation Project Status 7-19-18.pdf

Note: All projects with FY in their date are based on the Federal Fiscal Year, which runs from October 1 of the previous year to September 30 of its listed year. Projects without FY in their date are based on the calendar date.

Current Projects

Idlewild and Hwy. 51 Roundabout (U-5115)- NCDOT project.  Construction began on June 19, 2017 and required the closing of the intersection starting June 23.  Intersection was opened August 26 and is substantially complete.  Matthews and Mint Hill are partnering to add gateway signs and landscaping to the center of the island and lighting for the entire project.  We are currently going through the approval process with NCDOT. The landscaping portion of the project is expected to be done in the summer of 2018.  The roundabout was designed to accommodate the future widening of NC 51 (U-5007). Construction estimates were around $1.6M. Matthews and Mint Hill were originally responsible for a combined 20% match (estimated at $162,500 each), plus the cost of additional amenities such as lighting, gateway signs, etc.; and any cost overruns. Bids opened on June 7, 2017 were higher than estimated, at $1,849,140.10. This increased the Town’s share of the cost by $57,500, for a total Town commitment of $220,000. This increase was approved by the Town Board at their June 12 meeting.   More information on roundabouts can be found in this NCDOT brochure.

Monroe Expressway (R-3329/R-2559)- NCDOT project. This $840 million, 19.5 mile project is an all-toll facility from U.S. 74 east of I-485 in Mecklenburg County to U.S. 74 between Wingate and Marshville in Union County. Clearing has been completed and grading/construction is underway.  The current completion date is the end of 2018. NCDOT has more information about the project here.  CRTPO has additional information on their website.

2017/2018 Pavement Preservation Program- Matthews project. Several pavement preservation techniques are being used on various local roads to extend their life.  The first project was using a rejuvenator on newer roads throughout town. This portion was completed in the fall of 2017.  The second project will add a high-density mineral bond to roads a few years old.  These will help to keep the roads in good condition.  The application of HA5 high-density mineral bond began June 25, 2018. More information on the HA5 project can be found here.

Downtown Sidewalk Projects- Matthews project.  The Town received a $500,000 grant from the NC General Assembly toward new sidewalks.  Design is underway to construct a wide sidewalk on Matthews-Mint Hill Road from the Novant Health entrance to North Trade Street.  Another section of sidewalk under design is along West John Street from Ames Street to Irwin Lane.  Construction on the sidewalk along Matthews-Mint Hill Road began July 2018.

South Trade Street Widening at Culvert (U-5804B)- NCDOT Project. This project will widen South Trade Street to 4 lanes between Chaphyn Lane and Weddington Road and lengthen the culvert under South Trade Street in this area. Due to the new flood plain maps being released and the CLOMAR expiration, this project had to go back through environmental review process.  The project was let on December 6, 2017, with the lowest responsible bid of just under $3M. Construction has started and the project should be completed by the end of 2018.

Future Projects

South Trade Street Greenway/Tunnel (EB-5829)-  Mecklenburg County Project. An additional project will build a pedestrian tunnel and greenway connection under South Trade Street, adjacent to the culvert. STP-DA funding for the pedestrian tunnel and associated greenway path was approved by the CRTPO at its August 2016 meeting.  The pedestrian tunnel and greenway will be constructed separately from the culvert widening, but should only cause minimal traffic delays.  The cost for the new 14’ tunnel and greenway is estimated at $1.9M, and will be funded by NCDOT, Mecklenburg County and Matthews ($125k). Construction is estimated to begin in early 2019 and be completed that year.

Weddington Road/I-485 Interchange (R-0211EC)- NCDOT project. This will add an interchange at Weddington Road and I-485 and will also improve a section of Weddington Road. Due to additional funding from HB 97 in the TIP, the project is now funded fully from the TIP and will be built as part of the I-485 Express Lanes (I-5507) project (see below for more information).  Design and construction may begin as early as 2018 or as late as 2021, depending on the contractor’s direction of operation.  Project estimate is $20M.  Town is responsible for sidewalk costs, estimated at $400k.  More information about the project can be found on the CRTPO website. A public meeting regarding this project will be held on July 25th and 26th.  Please see the NCDOT website for more information.

I-485 Express Lanes (I-5507)- NCDOT project. New express lane in each direction from I-77 to US 74. This is a design-build project with design, ROW and construction in FY18. Completion in FY21. Project estimate is $203M. This project now includes adding the Weddington Road Interchange (R-0211EC) and enhancements to the John Street interchange and will add an additional auxiliary lane in each direction from Weddington Road to John Street. NCDOT has more information about the project here A public meeting regarding this project will be held on July 25th and 26th.  Please see the NCDOT website for more information.

I-485 Pavement Rehabilitation NCDOT project between Idlewild Road and U.S. 74 - Two projects (I-5748 and I-5827) propose to resurface both directions of I-485 in this area. The first project is funded for FY16 for $500,000 and has been completed.  The second project is funded for FY19 for $3 million.

NCDOT Roadway Resurfacing- NCDOT will resurface the following sections of roads in Matthews over the next fiscal year (all locations are approximate): NC 51 Matthews-Mint Hill Rd from Phillips Rd to Idlewild Rd; Stallings Rd from Union County line to Idlewild Rd; Phillips Rd from Stallings Rd to Mt. Harmony Rd; Mt. Harmony Rd from Phillips Rd to US 74; Independence Commerce Dr from US 74 to Mt Harmony Rd; CPCC Ln from US 74 to Campus Ridge Rd.

Sam Newell Road Intersection Improvements (C-5613D)- NCDOT project will add dual left turns from NC51 onto Sam Newell Road and North Trade Street and add an additional lane on Sam Newell Road/North Trade Street on both approaches to NC51.  This project is estimated at $600k and will be funded with Congestion Mitigation Air Quality (CMAQ) money. Right-of-way will be purchased in summer of 2018 with construction in spring of 2019.

Sam Newell Road Multi-Use Path- Rice Road to Crown Point Elementary (EB-5783)-  Matthews project. Design will begin in 2018.  Project estimate is $1.2M, with the Town contributing $260k. Construction with STBG-DA funding in FY19.

Pleasant Plains Road Multi-Use Path- Trade St. to McKee Rd. (EB-5779)- Matthews project. Design in 2019.  Construction not yet funded. Project estimate has recently been updated to $1.9M. The Town will contribute 20% of the project costs.

NC 51 Widening- Sardis Road to E. John St./Monroe Rd. (U-5763)- NCDOT project. This project will likely widen NC 51 from four to six lanes, including a median and a multi-use path on one side and sidewalk on the other.  It will include intersection improvements at Sardis Road, Fullwood Lane and Monroe Road. It is currently in the planning stages. ROW in FY19 and construction in FY21 to FY23. Project estimate is $3.9M. The Town is responsible for the cost for the multi-use path and for sidewalk where there currently isn’t any. A public meeting regarding the NC 51  widening project will be held on July 31st at Christ Covenant Church.  Please see the NCDOT website for more information.

US 74 Widening and Express Lanes (U-2509A,B)- NCDOT project. This project is broken into two segments. Segment A proposes express lanes between Conference Drive and Sardis Road North. Segment B proposes express lanes between Sardis Road North and I-485.  Additional general-purpose lanes will likely be added as part of the project.  The project will include completing the unfinished portions of Krefeld Drive/Northeast Parkway and Independence Pointe Parkway. NCDOT has more information about the project here. The project is currently in the planning stages.  Current ROW date is FY20 and construction date is FY21-23. Project estimate for section B is $207M, with the total project estimate of $406M.  Matthews will be responsible for some of the pedestrian improvement costs.

An additional project (U-5526) proposes to add express lanes on U.S. 74 from I-277 to Wallace Lane, with construction starting in FY 2017. More information about the $17.5 million project can be found here.  There is a possibility that construction of U-5526 and U-2509B may be combined for economies of scale.

The most current version of the plans can be downloaded here: Sheet 1, Sheet 2.

A public meeting regarding the US74 widening project will be held on July 25th and 26th.  Please see the NCDOT website for more information.

Rice Road Extension is a project to extend existing Rice Road across Sam Newell Road to the existing Rice Road Extension, which intersects Independence Boulevard.  This project is estimated to cost approximately $350k.  Funds for this project have not yet been identified, but this will likely be included as part of the U-2509B project.

Idlewild Road Widening (U-4913)- NCDOT project. Widen Idlewild Road from Davis Trace, over I-485 to Stevens Mill Road, convert the interchange into a dual diverging diamond interchange (DDI), and realign Stallings Road to the Hooks Road intersection and convert it to a roundabout. ROW in FY20, construction in FY21 to 23.  Project estimate is $7.1M.

John Street / Old Monroe Road Widening (U-4714)- NCDOT project. This project is likely to be a 4-lane median divided facility with a multi-use path along the majority of the section through Matthews. This widening project is divided into three segments.  Section A is from its intersection with Trade Street in downtown Matthews to I-485. Section B is from I-485 to Waxhaw Indian Trail Road.  Section C is from Waxhaw Indian Trail Road to Wesley Chapel-Stouts Road. These have been combined into one project. The design has been modified to take out the superstreet elements between I-485 and John Street.  The most recent schedule shows right-of-way acquisitions FY19, and construction in FY21-FY23.  The total cost for building these segments is $87.5M. NCDOT has prepared a flyer to help explain the design concept for the roadway.  More information on the project can be found here at the NCDOT website.

Since the project is receiving federal funds, it is required to have an Environmental Assessment (EA).  As part of the EA, the design team held a Charrette session for initial public input on August 27 through 29, 2013 and later public hearings. 

John Street Widening Public Hearing Map A

John Street Widening Public Hearing Map B

The EA was approved in July 2016. The Town sent our U-4714 EA Comments to NCDOT on November 11, 2016.

The Town then hired a consultant to help determine how the roadway design might be modified in order to: mitigate speeds through the area; increase bicycle and pedestrian accessibility along and across the corridor; aesthetic treatments for medi